Satya Incense Sticks

Satya Incense Sticks

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 Shriviana Sugandhalaya is the maker of the world famous Sataya Saibaba Nag Champa. We offer their classic and new incense lines. Authentic Satya Saibaba Masala incense since 1964

15 grams (Approx. 12 sticks)

Blessings- sweet, exotic and mild

Celestial- floral, sweet, woody

Fortune- citrus, spice

Jasmine Blossom- uplifting, floral, sprightly

Karma- inspiring, uplifting, serene

Lavender- soothing, sublime, herbal

Lemongrass- lemony, earthly, refreshing

Meditation- tranquil, immersive, sacred

Midnight- dark, rich, floral

Myrrh- sweet, earthy, woody

Nag Champa- harmonizing, potent

Nirvana- relaxing, meditative 

Patchouli Forest- heady, spicy, intoxicating 

Positive Vibes- sweet, uplifting, neutralizing

Rain Forest- relaxing, fresh, sweet

Romance- sweet, strong, floral

Rose- sweet, floral, yielding

Rosemary- piney, sharp, herbal

Sacred Ritual- relaxing, clarifying, magical

Sandalwood- sacred, sublime, woody

Seven Chakra- balancing, meditative, calming

Spiritual Aura- balancing, blissful, cleansing

Spiritual Healing- balancing, sacred, immersive

Sunrise- stimulating, fresh, invigorating

Super Hit- activating, uplifting, sweet

Vanilla- sweet, sensual, uplifting