Crystal Properties

Agate (black)- grounding, protective, provides inner strength, calming

Agate (blue lace)- calming, truthful communication, public speaking

Agate (brown)- comforting, protective, helps loneliness, loss, and    difficult times

Agate (crazy lace)- "laughter stone", brings joy, support and encouragement 

Agate (druzy)- stress relief, strengthens the spirit and intuition

Agate (feather)- helps with bad dreams, insomnia, strength in sadness

Agate (flower)- protects from fear and self doubt, nurtures dreams, goals, and self growth

Agate (gray)- physical strength, protective, provides emotional security

Agate (moss)- prosperity, new beginnings

Agate (red)- grounding, protective, calms anxiety during emotional times

Amazonite- calms brain and nervous system, absorbs electromagnetic stress

Amber- balances emotions, clears the mind, releases negativity

Amethyst- protective, peace, calm, balances highs and lows

Amethyst (pink)- radiates love, emotional balance, overall peace

Ammonite- new beginnings, protective, promotes structure and offers clarity

Angelite- serenity, inner peace, increases compassion

Apatite (blue)- motivation, self expression, amplifies personal power and growth

Apophyllite- calms anxious mind during stress, absorbs negative thought patterns

Aquamarine- courage, safe travels, lessens fear and anxiety

Aragonite- centering, balancing, aids concentration and focus

Aventurine- good luck, friendship, brings prosperity and career success

Bloodstone- centering, calming, brings abundance and strength

Calcite (blue)- "student stone", amplifies learning, eases communication, calming

Calcite (brown)- breaks pattern of bad mistakes, helps keep balance

Calcite (caribbean)- relief from stress and anxiety, restful sleep and lucid dreaming

Calcite (golden)- responsibility in leadership, boosts courage and self confidence 

Calcite (green)- grounding, abundance, aids success in business

Calcite (mangano)- amplifies healing and well being, opens heart, attracts new opportunities

Calcite (orange)- creativity, intuition, helps emotional healing

Calcite (orchid)- protective, creative, shields from present and future harm

Calcite (red)- grounding, protective, increases energy and love for life

Calcite (white)- restores motivation, accelerates growth and spiritual development

Carnelian- creativity, individuality, strengthens courage and concentration

Celestite- connects you to angelic wisdom, eases communication

Chalcedony (blue)- promotes good dreams, improves communication, reduces negative emotions

Chrysocolla- inner strength, personal power, helps with expression and creativity

Chrysoprase- joy, happiness, healing from depression

Citrine- success, abundance, personal power, creativity

Copper- stimulates and conducts energy flow, grounding, enhance psychic abilities

Desert Rose- confidence with decisions, brings clarity of mind, intuition

Emerald- success in love, provides hope and wisdom

Fluorite- multi-tasking, concentration, helps produce order

Garnet- revitalization, boosts energy and passion

Hematite- stability, grounding, strengthens self esteem and confidence

Howlite- calming, relieves stress, helps with insomnia

Iolite- brings calm during chaos, increases focus, spark inspiration

Jade- purity, serenity, calms nerves, good luck, friendship

Jasper (bumblebee)- new opportunities, maintain positive upbeat attitude, energizing

Jasper (Dalmatian)- thoughtfulness, dedication, actualization, emotional release

Jasper (mookaite)- self confidence, self worth, realize one's potential

Jasper (ocean)- brings joy and optimism, release negative feelings

Jasper (picasso)- grounding, self discipline, helps renew relationships

Jasper (polychrome)- grounding, vitality and energy, courage and action

Jasper (red)- independence, empowerment, inspires positivity

Jasper (unakite)- emotional balance, heals heart and mind

Jasper (yellow)- nurturing and healing, connects to earth

Jet- protective, absorbs negativity, helps with mourning 

Kunzite- helps with overactivity, calms chaos, brings peace, eases sadness and anxiety

Kyanite (black)- clear blocked chakras, grounding and energizing, cut toxic ties

Kyanite (blue)- aids tranquil meditation, aligns chakras

Labradorite- strengthens intuition, forms barrier to negativity

Lapis Lazuli- reduces stress, balances physical, emotional, mental energy, enhances dream work and psychic abilities

Larimar- brings peace, soothe soul, clears communication

Larvikite- enhance psychic abilities, promote clarity to past life recall abilities

Lepidolite- emotional healing, eases stress, calms anxiety

Lodolite- overcome personal challenges, transformation and change

Malachite- success in business and relationships, provides protection in travel

Merlinite- strengthens magical and psychic abilities, encourage spiritual communications

Moonstone- hope, new beginnings, calms overreactions

Moonstone (black)- connects you with feelings and emotions, opens blockages, heal from trauma

Moonstone (peach)- relief from depression and anger, emotional supposrt

Obsidian (black)- protection, grounding, removes negativity

Obsidian (mahogany)- protective, strengthens aura, removes energy blocks

Obsidian (snowflake)- calming, courage to change, increases safety and security

Onyx- changes negative energy to positive, helps with emotional support, prevents drain of personal energy

Petrified Wood- helps establish roots, calms fear and anxiety

Prehnite- "healer's healing stone", stone of prediction

Pyrite- protection from negativity and harm, helps confidence and persistence

Quartz (black tourmalinated)- restore harmony, clarity to life, grounding

Quartz (clear)- "master healer", amplifies energy and power

Quartz (fire)- enhance focus and concentration, grounding when feeling scattered

Quartz (golden healer)- raises energy vibrations, clears blockages and imbalances

Quartz (rose)- inner healing, attract love, aids self love

Quartz (rutilated)- provides energy, improves focus and concentration

Quartz (smoky)- grounding, absorbs negativity, helps wit letting go of past hurt

Rhodochrosite- love, compassion, improves self worth

Rhodonite- balance emotions, calm impatience, aids with forgiveness and letting go

Ruby- vitality, promotes love, enhances joy of life

Ruby in Fuchsite- heals the heart, promotes love, helps with strength and willpower

Ruby in Zoisite- happiness, appreciation, positive feelings, vitality

Selenite (white)- good luck, universal love, cleanses negativity

Selenite (orange) well being, creativity, cleanses electromagnetic stress

Septarian- "dragon stone", protective, aids public speaking and patience

Serpentine- cleansing and detoxifying, clears chakras

Sphalerite- adaptability, discernment, empowerment

Shiva Lingham- health and well being, stimulates energy system

Shungite- "stone of life", provides healing and protection

Sodalite- calming, emotional balance, assists writing and communication 

Sunstone- happiness and independence, clears away negative thought patterns 

Tektite- enhances communication with other worlds, encourage spiritual growth

Tiger's Eye- strength, grounding, provides protection during travel

Tourmaline (black)- grounding, good luck, protects against negativity

Tourmaline (pink)- love, happiness, cleanses guild and worry

Tourmaline (red) attract and strengthen love, increase safety and stability

Topaz (yellow) forgiveness, enhance truth and integrity